North Sydney Sports Massage

How Sports Massage Benefits An Athlete

You’d be forgiven for thinking message is all about pleasure and relaxation. Sports massage, for one, is a type that’s geared towards high-performance sports people, ranging from swimmers to marathoners and every athlete in between. Even recreational exercisers can stand to benefit immensely from it. For elite sportsmen and women, however, sports massage is an indispensable part of their training routine.

What’s Sports Massage?

It’s what it sounds like – a special kind of massage that’s specially designed to help athletes (or sports players) in preventing injury, alleviating pain, boosting endurance, and enhancing performance. It’s usually performed before, during or after the performance and/or training, as well as for rehabilitation purposes. To get a proper sports massage in North Sydney, it’s crucial to find a certified and well-trained physical therapist.

Why Should you Receive Sports Massage?

Sports massage comes with a boatload of benefits both to a regular person and a high-performance sports player. These include:

It helps Reduce Pain and Keep Stress at Bay

When you receive sports massage from a professional in North Sydney, your body will respond by releasing “happy-feel” neurotransmitters called endorphins. These are the special neurotransmitters that act as natural pain killers. They are also responsible for reducing the level of stress hormones in the blood. This way, the massage uplifts your mood, decrease anxiety, and enhances your state of well-being.

Better Sleep

Sports massage promotes healthy circulation, reduces stress, and restores the state of calmness, a perfect combo for a good night’s sleep. You’ll fall asleep faster, get better sleep overall, and sleep longer if the sports massage is done right.

Promotes Sports Performance

Several studies have shown that sports massage improves athletic performance by a significant margin.

Injury Rehabilitation

It can used to rehab an injury, treat sore muscles, tendons, and surrounding tissue. Not just that, but a good sports massage session in North Sydney can also significantly reduce recovery time between training and decimate any likelihood of injury.

Other Benefits

  • Reduced muscle spasms
  • Upped sense of well-being
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Improved flexibility
  • Sports massage enhances ROM (joint range of motion which is crucial for athletes)
  • It calms your nerves

Is Sports Massage Safe?

That’s a resounding, YES. Some people might experience stiffness or tenderness for one or two days after the first session. But, unless you’re super allergic to massage oil, sports massage should be 100% safe.

Finding the Right Sports Massage Therapists for You

Not all sports massage therapists are created equal. Be sure to work with a sports massage therapist in North Sydney who has proper credentials, including Associated Massage Therapists membership. Do ask for recommendations from your fellow athletes or gym mates.

More crucially, don’t be afraid to ask questions:

  • Are you a registered or licensed to give sports massages?
  • What are your credentials? Are your a member of the Association of Massage Therapists?
  • What other kinds of massage are you trained and experienced to offer?
  • Who are you past clients and what were their fitness/performance concerns?

Remember it’s all about finding a good fit in a sports massage therapist in North Sydney.